Five Myth Busters

Shout Out to Psych Central for this excellent myth buster list. Please click on the link to get more information. Let’s breakdown each myth:

  1. Non-Monogamous peeps are never jealous – This was a huge hurdle my husband and I have jumped a few times until we had a better understanding of polyamory. It is all about how you handle jealous after admitting to it. Since communication and honesty are valued differently in ENM relationship, it makes it easier to speak on jealousy without hostility.
  2. Its ALL about sex– When we look at the various triad relationship dynamics , asexual people can be polyamorous and yet sex is not a priority on their list. Most metamores have no sexual or even romantic encounters with their counter part in some cases. Not to say sex is never involved but its more of an option then a necessity of said partnership(s). A few studies have shown that polyamorous and ethical non-monogamous people practice safer sex then monogamous people who cheat.
  3. Anything goes in ENM – Absolutely NOT ! Just like monogamous people have boundaries so do we. No ENM relationship looks or operates the same. There is no universal one size fits all when it comes to any ENM relationship.
  4. Ethical non-monogamy is unsustainable Research Gate did a study to see if monogamy has better sustainability power than ENM. The reality is there is no difference in quality of life, even in the sex department.
  5. ENM relationships are better than monogamy – Love is love. Some people love multiple people. Some people prefer that one on one experience. Either way moral of the story, love in different ways don’t mean less love to go around.

While you will never always convince people that these are myths, as long as you and your partner(s) are happy that’s what matters.

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