So this term has been recently added to my collection. I learned it from Tik Tok, thanks to @gray_guitar and her relationship dynamic called kitchen table polyamory. We’ll get into that later on. A metamore is your partner’s partner. Example in my case my husband’s partner, we’ll call her Nurse Lovely, would be my metamore. Teddy Bear would be my husband’s metamore.

We don’t practice kitchen table poly necessarily. We are open to going out to events and socializing at the moment. However the one thing I love about polyamory is that the relationship grows with you as you and your partners evolve. No one person I know over a course of many years stays the same person.

Now it is not a requirement in polyamorous dynamics to have interaction with ALL partners in the dynamic. There a moments where there is no relationship between certain partners and that is normal. I have come to find that having a relationship with your metamore helps with jealous and insecurity. Once you get to know a person outside of having the same partner, you may discover that they are a wonderful person. I know I did.

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