Black, Married and Polyamorous

Hi there I’m Cece and I’m polyamorous. If you were to ask me this three years ago I would be in complete denial. Especially coming from a Christian household, I tried to stay true to my teachings about monogamy.

After my husband and I went through some monogamous challenges I decided to look into polyamory and it clicked for not just me but Greg as well. While my first dating situation in poly was a disaster, I have not lost hope that I’ll find the right partners that are meant to be in my life as I grow and evolve as a person.

My hope is by telling my past and present experiences that it helps others as they navigate polyamory for themselves. My hope for the future is more acceptance and understanding of myself and others like me

About Me

Hi, I’m Christina aka Senpai_Cece_Live on Tik Tok. While I am not working I’m spending time with my amazing partner and husband, Gregory. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful husband, I enjoy anime, video games, manga and brunch.

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