Poly Lesson #2: Don’t convince anyone into a poly relationship

I tried to convince my ex at one point that he was more than likely polyamorous. However the more I considered his environment and him being a people pleaser I gave up. I realized that if he really wanted to be with and loved me like he said, two weeks being friends wouldn’t have changed that and it did.

It really hard when you not like but love someone and they disregard your feelings based on social acceptance. Needless to say that trying to convince someone otherwise is the natural thing to do. Fight for the relationship if you will. Sometimes you think that showing them how life can be would make them stay. It won’t. If they have their own agenda, which is basically being monogamous like the majority, your feeling were never relevant to begin with.

You want someone that wants to be there. You want someone that doesn’t care for social norms. Most importantly you need to be firm in your stance of what you want for a relationship dynamic. Remember Poly Lesson #1 and you won’t fall for fake trendy poly people. I don’t care how much of a “wonderful” person they are. If they are not into sharing you on any capacity, LEAVE THEM ALONE !!!

One response to “Poly Lesson #2: Don’t convince anyone into a poly relationship”

  1. Being ‘there’ for your partner is pivotal for a poly relationship.


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