Dating While Poly: Blatantly Cheating

Some monogamous men are such fickle creatures. Let’s dive into what just happened on Bumble. Now to give context I had went out with this guy many moons ago. While being cute he was also clearly out for one thing which was sex at the time. I let him take me out once but I felt nothing. I actually try to see if he had “hook-up” potential and that attempt fell flat on its face. We didn’t speak again until today.

First let’s start with the fact he didn’t even remember me. Can you imagine if I would have slept with him. Yuck I would have been pissed by the lack of memory. He then goes further on to say he has a gf now. So I’m thinking ” Maybe he’s polyamorous now.” So when I further inquired about his situation he plain out told me he was cheating. I told him and I quote ” I cannot fuck with fickle monogamous men.” His response ” K”. Immediately unmatched and never matching again if I see him.

This shit right here is the reason why I know my ex is going to cheat again. Men like this only care about what they want and blatantly disregard their significant others. Not out of pure evil but they are too chicken shit to speak on their needs freely without fear of judgement. In other words, they pussy. Do I feel for the woman in their lives ? Sure and its a shame the thing monogamy can cause a person to do in order to make it “work”.

4 responses to “Dating While Poly: Blatantly Cheating”

  1. polyamory could be a cure for cheating but some guys are slow to catch up.


    1. Well cheating does exist in the ENM space when boundaries are violated. I would venture to say they need to ask the question of why they are cheating. Definitely need to do introspective work otherwise no matter what relationship dynamic, the cheating will continue unfortunately.

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      1. I thought ENM was a way to minimize cheating. Maybe some people will always be inclined to cheat when they have an opportunity?


      2. ENM is a community created so that adult love can be expressed without judgement not a safe haven for cheating patterns to continue. The thing about cheating is that it implies you can’t communicate with your partner about your needs. However in a ENM since communication is a pillar of ENM, there is no excuse for cheating but yes, people do terrible things with no excuse sometimes,

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