Rooster Round-Up

This will be a repeating post. In Ex Lesson #5 I explain how not to put all my hopes into one guy. Hence a rooster. I make all parties involved aware they will never be the only one and they are ok with that. Let’s go down the list:

Chicago Bae – Out of everyone he is the front runner. We met on Tik Tok. We became mutuals off the fact that he is polyamorous also. So he is the most promising. We pushed our meetup date to late spring so of course I’ll keep you posted on that. He also has been super consistent which is important considering the distance, which is truly the downside of this particular potential partner.

Poly Jay – He also lives in Chicago. He is the most bold on my list. He slide into my DMs and not the opposite way around. He is definitely polyamorous without a doubt. We are moving at a steady pace which I don’t mind at all. I’ve been talking to him the longest out of anyone on the rooster.

Military Shawty – As the name implies he is a 5’7 king that expressed his interest in me on Tinder. I’m 5’10 by the way. When I mentioned the fact he dated a 6’4 woman I was intrigued. So far things are going well. He lives in the same borough so convenience is on his side. If its not obvious from the nickname he served. He is very humble about it. He has been the most consistent communication wise besides Chicago Bae.

Gamer Cutie – Tinder guy that got out of a 10 year marriage and just vibing. Now while I am not a big fan of “catching a vibe” his interest is what excited me. His love for most games that aren’t FPS (First Person Shooter) or Sports is different. RPG and racing are more his speed. At first he blew past the fact that I had a partner. I went ahead and explained in full and he was more than expecting.

Mr. Chad – This nickname is appropriate because he is an actor and has a likeness to the late Chadwick Boseman. He is also a Tik Tok mutual that I met. So this is a interesting story. So I was LIVE streaming on Tik Tok and he came into my chat. He finally figured out we both live in the city. We exchanged numbers and what at first I thought was gonna be a regular turned into let’s see where this goes. Keeping him at arms length because he already has two partners and he has the potential to become monogamous for a special woman.

Philly Steak – I swear Tik Tok is better as a dating app then actually dating apps. He is the youngest on the rooster so I almost can’t take him seriously. We are working on a plan since he’s only a bus ride away. I love that he’s a nerdy guy. He also is very family oreintented based on his commitment to them.

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