Ex Lesson #5: Don’t put your eggs in one basket

So this lesson is not mine. This phrase comes from a old Aesop’s fable. My interpretation of this saying was to ALWAYS have a Plan B. New relationships will always bring about honeymoon energy. It never fails except what happens when it does fail. Honey has dried up and the sun is up exposing ever flaw of the relationship.

My ex was dating and I knew this. We had met that winter and we were starting to roll into summer so naturally I thought to myself that maybe I could let up on my search. We seem to be on the same page and talking about a possible relationship. That was my biggest mistake. He was lying about his intentions at certain points so I couldn’t make more clear decisions therefore not entirely my fault.

Now why is this a lesson per say. This is more geared toward poly people that decide to date monogamous people because it happens. For me personal I am too scared but again love and relationships should be what you make it. Opposites attract all the time.

Moral of The Story: As much as you may like someone, have a rooster, ESPECIALLY when dealing with a monogamous person.

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