Open Marriage in Hollywood

I love and appreciate Jada compared to popular opinions of her. Most say she overshares and is a embarrassment. Tons of women, especially black women, were begging her to divorce Will as if they were getting wifed up next. Hate to kill that dream but even if they divorced now, it ain’t gonna be you sis.

I remember before RTT and the “entanglement” these two were relationship goals and everyone wanting to be like them. J. Cole’s infamous line in Role Models literally saying that want what they had. As they always say be careful what you ask for. There was always speculation about Will and Jada and what they did behind closed doors but not solid proof. Then when the entanglement happened that’s when it really went from public praise to extreme ridicule.

While I personally despise the fact she used the term “entanglement” to describe her time with August, I applauded her honesty. about her marriage to Will. I find it very interesting that all the whispers about them stopped when Will’s book came out of Nov 2021. While Will was never overtly vocal like his counterpart, its safe to say that he knows Jada better than anyone else could. The very insightful interview he did in September 2021 was so telling of Will’s awareness of his marriage, that most of the majority missed it.

The whispers have died down for now but until Jada speaks on things again anyway

Even the famous Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis practice ethical non-monogamous marriage. While they didn’t stay in the community they found a deeper appreciation for each other. In a interview Ruby said something similar to Will’s statement that marriage shouldn’t feel like a prison. Basically mimicking the saying that “….the best way to have somebody is to let it go. If it doesn’t come back you are free in another kind of sense.”

Well know comedian Mo’nquie has a podcast with her husband where they discussed their open marriage. On a radio show and a interview with Oprah, she said that she noticed that open marriage last longer verse its counterpart. She also mentions that she never realized how many small-minded people think that its all about sex. A constant plight of the polyamorous community.

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