Radio Chatter

Your probably wondering why I haven’t written anything in awhile. Its honestly because nobody is standing out. It’s all been, you guessed it, radio chatter.

I didn’t intentional stop writing about my experience but frankly as of late there has been nothing to tell. All I’ve been doing is texting and maybe going on a date or two but leads nowhere. There is however one minor development that I can briefly dive into.

We’ll name this guy Cookie Monster for obvious reasons because that’s all it was at first. Him enjoying me literally and we go our separate ways. He has brought it to my attention that he has feelings for me. At first I didn’t know how to digest the thought because we weren’t like that or even talked in that way. One day while he was over, we kissed and it was nice.

I’m still sorting out my feelings about Cookie Monster but I’m willing to give him a chance. Maybe if things progress between us I’ll write about it. Right now I’m enjoying being admired.

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