Potential Partner: The EMT

The EMT and I met on Feelds. For our first met up he was nice enough to come to my side of town. The chit chat was nice with a kiss at the end so we decided to see each other again. The next date was at Barcade, Dave and Buster’s for a older generation if you will, and we had a blast there as well. That date ended with us being intimate.

Out of all the potential partners he shows the most promise. He text fairly regularly and now we are exchanging sexy/ naughty pics. We plan to hangout this weekend. This may sound odd but some part of me is not fully giving into him. I’m not sure if its nerves or fear from my past relationship but something is definitely hindering me from fully give myself over to the moments I spend with him.

We’ve been talking since just about the beginning of the summer so I want to give us more time. My main concern is that I won’t feel that special spark I felt once before. Don’t get me wrong I really like him and want to continue seeing him. I just hope whatever is hindering me will go away possibly with time.

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