Potential Partner: Older Men

I’ve normally avoided older men. That whole you can’t teach an old dog new tricks type of thinking. I was also met with resistance from older men, if anything I was met with disgust and combative type behavior. However despite my experiences I give a few a chances to select older men. My recent encounter with one of them was not only eye opening but so enjoyable.

We met for dinner and he was super late, so my mood was meh as time ticked on and no show. He eventually shows up and comes with a pushie toy for me. I personally am never too old for gifts. The gift manage to soften my annoyance of him being late. We ended up having a great time at dinner and he gave me a ride home.

He’s been in the lifestyle a long time and is more than understanding for where I am coming from. It was refreshing to talk to someone older that didn’t resort to name calling in the end. It was one of those rare times I didn’t need to explain myself and it felt great. He is currently on a trip and we hope to reconnect when he gets back,

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