I’m Not Changing for You

I had to dump a guy today, I’m so pissed off with this. He unfortunately listens to Kevin Samuels and I should have known then that it was a red flag from the jump. He was good looking and conversation for the most part was more than decent.

We had our date last weekend that lead to me going back to his place. Very high school things happened since I was on my lady time. We enjoyed each others company however as time passed I can tell he wanted a certain type of woman. A submissive which is not me at all.

The nail in the coffin for our meet up was my facial hair. He later in text told me he felt hair on a woman was masculine. Typical red pill alpha male thinking. I sent him a nice text saying I ain’t the one to paraphrase and he understood. One thing I learned from all this is never go out with someone that says they listened to Kevin Samuels. They want women that don’t exist. Back to the drawing board.

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