Potential Partner: Casper

Covid almost ruined a good thing. Casper and I started talking in January and we immediately had a good vibe. Afterwhile I notice the text started to slow down and I thought naturally he ghosted me. We started talking in January and February and the next thing I know he was gone. Then in April I get a text:

So I’m still alive even after COVID lol

So after hearing that news I was more then willing to forgive the time that passed. We carried on as if time didn’t pass at all. He also further explained to me that ghosting is not his style. That he would rather face a person then leave them wondering. I wish more men thought like him. Even I have to admit to be guilty of ghosting people also. Yesterday is when our conversation turned to the topic of children. Unfortunately he wants a family and not the typical one or two kids. He says he wants a baseball team which upon me hearing it I had immediate PTSD because my ex left me to start a nuclear family. I still live with heavy scares from that.

So I want to give him a fair chance considering that type of guy he is. However I don’t want to be a fool and land myself in the same trap. Right now his potential is very low based on that. Otherwise I hope we can have a more robust conversation about the future. If he isn’t willing to have a wife and a girlfriend I MOST DEFINATELY will bounce. I am not going to hope he changes his mind nor convince him otherwise.

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