Dating While Poly: Karma

All I’m going to say is next time no foreplay no sex. I was having a day and didn’t have the brain capacity to have a verbal back and forth about how unfair the entire exchange started out. Well I guess I should start from the beginning.

So I was talking to Nick Fury ( Refer to Rooster Round Up) for awhile and we decided to put sex on the table. He liked my cosplays and wanted to do some light cosplay RPG. Long story short he gets there and I held up my end of the bargain while he did less than nothing. He blamed mental health. I blame lack of accountability.

So I went to get a condom but I will admit they were old and had no clue if they had any type of “special powers” Long story short it turns out these were fire and ice condoms Trojan had done a few years back. Now I felt like my pussy was getting a celebration of a different kind, homie said he felt like Tiger Bam on his dick. Serves him right.

We are no longer talking and frankly after that performance, don’t miss him at all.

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