Date Night: A Tale of Two Dates

Well I should say one date since the first date STOOD ME UP ! I think I was catfished but let’s start with Date #1.

I met him on Bumble and he seemed normal. He said he was two month fresh into a divorce which I will admit gave me pause. Oddly enough the four kids thing didn’t bother me. I didn’t have to raise’em. So eventually we talked off the app and setup a date. I picked a place called Break Bar by Penn Station. Long story short, I got there, had one drink while I waited, broke the glass (Don’t worry that’s the theme of the bar) and went home.

When he never responded to any of my text and calls I went back to Bumble. Profile was completely gone. I was stunned and pissed. I know people still catfish but COME ON ! For me it was time and money invested on someone who probably wasn’t even ready to date to begin with. However the next day was a complete one 180.

Yesterday went perfectly as far as dates go. He was one time, smelled amazing and looked great. I will call him Bossman. Now Bossman and I met the old fashion way. I was at DragonCon in ATL and I can’t remember how we got caught up in conversation but glad we did. Turns out we live right across the bridge between the Bronx and Manhattan. We enjoyed good food and drinks and it was on him. It definitely made up for being stood up the day before. We have plans for the future not set in stone but we definitely want to see each other again sooner than later.

I have no other dates coming up since one decided to just randomly up and block me with no reason. I swear dating in NYC as a ENM is one hell I wish on anyone. lol

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