Ignorance Is Bliss

I need to do a short rant to get my feeling out about how ignorant people can be toward us. Anyone that practices ENM don’t do it because its a easy choice. Not with the social construct we live under today.

While scrolling through my Tik Tok I saw one of my favorite mutuals responding to two different comments. For context this mutual of mine has a Vee relationship aka the alphabet relationship dynamic. She has a partner and a husband. Her husband has a partner that is also married, that husband also has a partner. The post was of them all together playing with their children addressing the following comment:

Good luck kid…enjoy growing up in hell

Meanwhile the clip shows the complete opposite. We happy, healthy and down right adorable children enjoying the village that is raising them.

The other comment that grinded my gears that I personally addressed was:

So who’s kid is it and how can you even know for sure

In short I pretty much explain that no matter what the circumstances, every child deserves to be loved. It doesn’t matter who they belong to. Understand that the only time these things matter is when it comes to the law and logistics.

People should save this commentary for folks who abuse children. Just because its a living situation that you don’t understand doesn’t mean something is wrong with it.

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