Date Night: Agent Fury

Figured I would start documenting my dates these days. I met Agent Fury on Bumble. He had a nice demeanor over text so we setup our date at the North Pole in Brooklyn. As soon as I saw him I was glad he wasn’t a catfish. The conversation was easy.

I made the mistake of not eating before drinking so we went across the street to a a Mexican restaurant. The food was great. He had worked in college athletics before his current job and is a wealth of knowledge in the subject. He also enjoys some nerdy things like anime. I really was enjoying the night but I knew that we would have to keep buying things in order for the date to keep going. So I invited him back to my place.

He had never seen Archer(an animated series on FX) so I insisted we watched it and he liked it. We definitely had a good laugh. The minute we got cozy on the couch I knew how things were gonna go. I didn’t mind it going that way either. He told me earlier on he was raised by women so I knew he would take into my feelings. He asked for consent throughout which was a crazy turn on. Overall good date.

There really is not telling where things will go but we said that we would tentatively get together for this coming Sunday.

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