Ethical Non-Monogamous Dynamics

While my blog focuses specifically on polyamory, it is one of the five various dynamics that you can practice in the ENM space. While there are many list of different type of dynamics in the ENM space, I find breaking them down like so is the more comprehensible. Let’s jump in and talk about each type of dynamic:

  • Open Relationship/Monogamish – This a couple that mostly practice monogamy but may have what is called a “hall pass” For some its the “experimenting with love” stage.
  • Swingers – Couples or singles that have a more sexually based relationship. This is more of a partner swap verse a free form of meeting new people to swing with.
  • Polyamory – Multiple relationships that are based on sexuality, gender and the comfort of said partner(s)
  • Polygamy – A husband with multiple wives, the wives cannot have other partners
  • Polyandry – A wife with multiple husbands, the husbands cannot have other partners

There are other terms that are used in the ENM space. Some of these words I feel can be used by anyone whether you are ethically non-monogamous or monogamous. Here are some other vocabulary:

  • Threesome – As the name implies and is universally known as a purely sexual encounter between three consenting adults.
  • Cuckolding – This is where one partner is sexual with a third partner and the other half watches in excitement.
  • Hierarchical Relationship – When primary, nesting or anchor partners take priority over other partners in the relationship.
  • Relationship Anarchy – This person doesn’t have any set rules or expectations of their partner(s). They are what we call go with the flow people.
  • Casual dating or sex – As the name implies and is universally known as a purely “fun” or “vibe” between partners
  • Polyaffective – This is when the metamores of a certain poly dynamic have no sexual or romantic relationship. This could develop into a close friendship or polite acquaintances.

This post was a mixture of personal experiences and a basic Google search but here are links to where I cited some of my information:

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