Dating While Poly: Cuffing Season

My excitement was shot down by those two dreaded words. As we enter in to Februray, the love month, I realized I met my ex during the winter season. Yikes. I was telling my metamore aka my husband’s partner that I didn’t know what was in the air but that dating had started to become easier. My husband said those dreaded two words and Nurse Lovely concurred with him. I was annoyed.

I went from confident to being alert. Sure I’ll have fun but cuffing season can be full of red flags we miss. The inconsistency starts and wondering eyes become impossible to ignore. Things being said during cuffing season may feel sincere in the moment however actions speak louder than words always. This is when co-dependency is mistaken for connection.

Now coming from a Christian, I still find myself not able to just “have fun” or “catch a vibe” However this time I will not fall prey to the season. I won’t become the predator either. I will try to outsmart the tactics that will cause me to fall for things knowing better. Avoiding the “bear traps” of endorphins. There are already two guys that I know I may not be able to take seriously already. Especially considering they are both the youngest on the rooster but that’s ok. I honestly don’t want that many partners. As I finish writing this I’m kinda happy to be stepping out of my comfort zone.

To be honest at the rate things are going currently I may not get cuffed this season by anyone on the rooster. The whole rooster is either going through mental problems, health problems or personal growth. These are all valid things, it just makes me feel more and more insignificant. Makes me want my unworthy ex back but I refuse to go down such a weak road of mental thinking. Why want someone who not only never really wanted me but used me. The one thing I can be grateful for is having a lifetime cuffing buddy in my husband.

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