Dating While Poly: Disappointment

He had to dump me on the first day of my lady time. Safe to say my feelings are more elevated then normal so doesn’t help. Chicago Bae was probably the most promising out of all the guys I was talking to on my rooster. I honestly would have given up the rooster for him. However the things that happened over there last month obviously changed him.

When we started talking again I could tell things were off from the start. That was my instant red flag that he may break things off with me. I was hoping he wouldn’t but the inevitable happened. He said and I quote:

Good Morning love I think ur a great woman but I have a lot going on here. I don’t think I can commit to u as I would like to I’m sorry love but I’m down to be friends just have a lot going on here.

I told him I understood but man did I cry. I’m definitely getting drunk after work. Big bottle of some sort of wine to ease the pain. Not healthy, I know however I don’t solve my problems like this. I just take the day whatever and then move on.

For the record he is a wonderful man. He is a wonderful father. The best kind of man to raise a daughter. I want him to be the best version of himself. That’s why my feelings being completely crushed, I’m ok with. He also considered me and my time and for that he has my respect.

I will say to his credit also, he never led me on. This is why we can remain friends. The only thing that would cause us not to be friends is if he all of a sudden committed to someone else. That will kill our friendship . I highly doubt it will come to that but I don’t put anything past anyone anymore. I fucking hate that it came to this. I hate being the “good woman” that nobody wants a relationship with.

One response to “Dating While Poly: Disappointment”

  1. I am terribly sorry for what you are going through. Not the best way to receive a break up, but keep the bird.


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