Banned from Tinder

So that happened. I swear I was just experimenting with my profile by saying ” If you want to spend one night with me treat me like a sugar baby” Apparently that pissed off the Tinder gods. Not to say I’ll really miss Tinder. Sure it gave me the most traffic and some success but nobody from Tinder is polyamorous and when they say their “poly”, they usually disguised as Harem Hunters. So the question becomes this….what can replace Tinder ?

Frankly nothing can however I think I might start using some of my social media outlets to meet guys. To be honest half of my rooster is from Tik Tok so why not. Its not the most ideal. I barely know how to navigate Twitter but I guess I may have to learn to. Besides it much better then dating apps in some ways. You actually get a glimpse of a person and how they move and operate.

Now I’m not suggesting everyone do this by no means. Considering the fact that my goals of being a micro-influencer could be tarnished by outside scrutiny. Risk I’m willing to take. Hell I’m already taking the risk. However to expand on the risk is where I get nervous. Especially on Twitter where I have no navigation skills whatsoever. Will try to send something private that becomes a retweet.

Besides I still have access to plenty of dating apps. Bumble to be honest is starting to show promise. Feelds in the past have been good to me but lately I have no idea. All I know is that dating apps are complicated sometimes. I just have one less complication.

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