TT LIVE Chronicles #3

This will be a quick post. I swear people that are treating poly like a trend make me want to vomit. I was actually invited to this LIVE unexpected it. I was on my LIVE, streaming and talking to the 5 people in the room. The invite popped up and I usually say no but he seem unsuspecting. Two thing I cannot stand about TT LIVE. When you receive an invite you only have 15 seconds to respond. You cannot see their basic stats ex: bio statement, how many followers they have etc.

So it was what I like to call the “Match LIVE” So there is a generic game that comes with going LIVE on Tik Tok with others. Viewers tap the screen of the person they want to win. It also simultaneously generates likes for the creator and gives more screen time on the FYP (For You Page) So I went ahead and accepted the LIVE and the match. We start having a regular conversation and then I mentioned I’m polyamorous and so was the other person. As we continued talking it all came to an aburpt end when I mentioned that I don’t like woman and tried to further explain my husband and I relationship dynamic. He immediate cut the dual LIVE without warning.

I GUARENTEE he is a harem hunters and didn’t want to be told on himself. Its men like this in the space that make it toxic. Furthermore the fact that he is falsely advertising he is poly when really he is not makes me angry. It makes for a false narrative that isn’t there and again the mono squad on our backs. Its this type of false narrative that monogamist people buy into that this is what polyamory is and clearly its not. The fact that he ignorantly logged off without even trying to get a better understand shows that some cis heterosexual men are the weakest link unfortunately.

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