Dating Apps for ENM People

Now while I have my hang-ups with dating coaches, I find dating apps starting to gear toward ENM types of people. Here is my list of apps and my rating based on MY experience:

Feelds – This dating app can be quite annoying to use. It still has a lot of beta glitching and instability through the app. Outside of that I would highly recommend this app based. The app is extremely kink and ENM friendly and finding like minded people not nearly as a challenge.

Rating: 7/10

OKC or OK Cupid– What I really liked about OKC was the fact they were one of the first dating apps to recognize the ENM community. While the option makes it easy to connect and less glitchy then Feelds, didn’t make that many connections. My inner circle have claimed success on their end with OKC so I’m keeping that in mind.

Rating: 8/10

Hinge – Now here is the interesting I find with Hinge. Now only did they recent add the voice prompt, which I find to be clever. They don’t ask what your current relationship status nor what your looking for. This forum can lead to huge misunderstandings but also possibilities. I met Marathon Man on Hinge actually.

Rating: 6/10

Bumble – I am fairly new to Bumble but I don’t hate it so far. I like the fact I get to make the first move and it has voice messaging which can save time and energy meeting in person. I haven’t met anyone from there yet but again I like how the app works over all.

Rating: 8/10

Tinder – Last but certainly not least this app. I met The Voice and Taurus on Tinder. Tinder is by far the most responsive but also the must ignorant. Nobody really stands out, there are exceptions to the rules like the guys I’ve met both past and present. Most of the men there want the same thing, sex obviously. I know some of you reading like ” Duh we all know this” However ever now and again there is a exceptional man like Gamer Cutie and Military Shawty (Rooster Round-Up) that make me rethink things.

Rating 7/10

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