Post Ex: Choir Boy

Ya know how some people are clueless that your flirting with them. Well in this scenario I was the clueless one. We met a couple at our church during a evangelist event. We became semi-close friends overtime and we did all types of social thing together. By far my favorite was apple picking in the Fall. It was my husband’s first time ever going so a new experience for us. Here are some pictures from that.

Now Choir Boy loves his wife but they didn’t have some of the same interest at heart. He was a nerd and she wasn’t. So anytime my husband and I would come around he felt he could express another side of himself most of the time his wife didn’t understand. She wasn’t the jealous type either. Especially since she would take trips and didn’t mind her husband to have friends around. This incident happened a few months after they got married.

I want to be clear on this, I had no idea that he had any feelings for me outside of friendship. As friends I felt like we had built up that trust. Was he attractive, sure but never gave it a thought until this one weekend we had a nerd brunch. It was a group of us that played D&D and would get together outside of the campaigns. This particular brunch was a 2 hour bottomless so you already know it was a stumble out of the restaurant.

They happen to be the only apartment amongst out friend group that lived in Manhattan, so we would afterparty there often. I knew things felt different when I caught him starring at me. This was definitely not a “just friends” stare. Then we sat on one of the two couches there and we both had our arms crossed. He then takes my hand and brings me closer to him. That’s when I realized he had feelings for me. I had a meeting later that day but I wanted to come back and obviously party more. Choir Boy reassured me that would still be there.

We all know what happened next. No we did not have sex but everyone was gone except myself and him. I can tell he wanted to be faithful but he’s need to touch me intimately was pretty great. It was a ton of high school groping, nothing bare skin. The next weekend I outed myself to his wife. I told her I was looking at polyamory as a possible dynamic for Greg and I, I expressed that maybe this is something we could consider doing. She is very much a righteous person so needless to say she gave me the side eye. Long story short our friendship was over. However here is something she doesn’t know.

A few month after the demise of our friendship he slide into my DMs. He told me at one point his dream was to have a harem of women so that he can have various blood lines. In all honesty I think he would have been a wonderful polygamist man but to each his own. They have a baby now I believe and maybe he is calm down.

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