Post Ex: $100 Lunch

So before Rona ruined our fun I was going out on dates, trying to get over my ex. Once again Tinder being my stomping ground I met a man that we’ll call The Voice. He has a very Barry White bass in his voice. I told him once that he could tell me the weather and I would melt. The one thing I can say about this gentleman is that he is definitely a classic man. He’s in his forties but the young guys could learn a thing or two from him with the exception of one thing. I’ll explain at the end.

Our first and last physical encounter was a lunch date we had in Midtown Manhattan. I am very modest on food dates, especially if the gentleman offers to pay. The Voice not only pulled out my chair but told me to enjoy lunch and have whatever I wanted. I never heard anyone say that to me before so I cut loose just a smidge. No regrets when looking back on it now.

When the bill did come, I was stunned and offered to contribute. He insisted and reassured me that he got it and got it he did. Needless to say the conversation was wonderful. This date even til this day is at the top of my list. He gave me a kiss goodbye and we planned a next date. However Rona came about and our second date was dead in the water. So where did it all go wrong ? Glad you ask and nothing did exactly go wrong.

During the pandemic a lot of people lost their jobs and he was one of them. As we all know, this time in all of our lives has taken a toll on our mental health for sure. After some soul searching he admitted to having certain mental issues that came up for him. Took a ton of bravery from him to share that with me. We still remain friends and is one of my biggest supports on social media. Infact if your reading this, thank you for a date that I clearly will never forget.

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