Dating While Poly: Horoscope Signs

Ok so I’m not into the zodiac stuff. Christian at my core still however I find certain characteristics of certain signs to be kinda true. This is gonna be a fun post so if you want more of the serious stuff you can check out the other post. I have also done my birth chart. For those that have no clue what I’m talking about, its a chart that breaks down different parts of your persona based on the planets. Each planet gets is own horoscope sign outside of your main or sun sign. Take me for instance: I’m a Capricorn which is my main/Sun sign. My Moon sign which represents my pure emotions is in Taurus. So in no particular order here are some of my experience with various signs.

Sagittarius – Ooofff my ex was a Sagittarius. I cannot for the life of me understand how I constantly attract these guys. I have a theory as to why this is happening. So back to birth charts, My Rising (the sign people think you are) and Mercury (how you communicate, think and express yourself) is in Sagittarius. I definitely have another story about a married Sagittarius. Sheesh that was a interesting situation.

Virgo – ALL HAIL VIRGOS !!! They really are cool smooth dudes. They also value knowledge and learning new things even if its not their thing. At times their logic is undeniable even if you want to rebuttal. They know how to communicate clearly and their intentions are always obvious. The Voice and Marathon Man are both Virgos. Chicago Bae who I was suppose to see in January 2022 until unforeseen circumstances halted that is also a Virgo.

Pisces – They are very much in touch with their emotional side. I’ve only dealt with two Pisces. They were both friends that I allowed our sexual curiosity get the best of us. I’ve recently met a new Pisces and he already wants to know how I like my breakfast. So my Mars (energy, action and sex) is in Pisces. What I find interesting is how much we enjoy having sex with each other.

Capricorn – Ok dating my own sign is interesting. No lies told it feels like dating me. I am definitely a weirdo without a doubt. Always have a creative talent that we both can enjoy. Its not really my favorite sign to date. What I notice is that for some reason they are always afraid to make the first move. Yeah that’s about it.

Scorpio – My husband’s sign, so already off to a great start. They are absolute jokesters and don’t play around when it comes to their feelings. They usually can be aloof at times but its part of their charm oddly enough. You ask them a direct question and they will give their brutally honest answer.

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