Post Ex: Marathon Man

Marathon Man is one guy I almost missed out on entirely. It all started with lazy text, ya know the:

Me: Hey, How are you ?

Them: Fine. You ?

The turning point in our text was when he wanted to switch to WhatsApp. Til this day I still use that app as my main text application. When I audio messaged him asking why, he responded with a audio message. I loved the way he spoke. His diction and tone of how he said certain words in one sentence had my attention. Plus he sent me tons of pics with his shirt off. He is definitely my type of eye candy.

After we met at Barcade (highly recommend for a fun date) it was nothing but good vibes all the way around. We talked everyday. Had some very adventurous sex. Mostly we were able to really get deep about our feelings about our lives. Why the nickname Marathon Man you ask? He LOVES, not likes, LOVES riding his bike Smurfette. On top of that he’s a gym rat.

So why did this connection come to a close. He admitted to me early on that there was a person of interest. However they were entertaining a unworthy suitor. While he wasn’t necessarily waiting for her to come around, he figure he would explore his options. Eventually I personal got tired of being just an option. We had sex one last time and I told him that we can text but seeing him would just be too hard for me. He is now with the woman he was hoping to be with and I couldn’t be happier for him.

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