Dating While Poly: Compersion

It was a good thing I didn’t try to go to Chicago because there ended up being a snow storm in both states. One thing I ABSOLUTELY cannot do is plane turbulence. Not even for my own mama and I love her. Luckily I was able to refund my ticket and get credit for a year. So that made plans for my husband complicated since he planned movie night with his partner, my metamore. I told him to let her come over anyway. I haven’t seen Nurse Lovely since we met at Poly Cocktails and getting reacquainted made sense to me.

It was all hugs when she arrived. I asked my husband to ask if she was ok with being on camera a week ago and of course he didn’t. Nurse Lovely and I looked at each other knowing this is one of the things that make him adorable. I was in charge of movie selection and we choice The Campaign. Can’t go wrong with Will Ferrell. We decided to have some junk food and in the meanwhile scroll for other movies to add to the Q. Going The Distance, featuring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long popped up and my metamore was sold. My husband was out numbered two to one for the rom-com.

Per usual, the TV ended up watching me. I was in and out of sleep but I could hear my husband and Nurse Lovely saying their goodbyes. He had to have said something funny because she let out the cutest laugh. Then I felt it, compersion. Compersion is when you feel the opposite of jealousy. I was happy that they were happy. Overall movie night is a success and can’t wait until the next time !

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