ENM in Hollywood: Drew and Luke

Just another day of scrolling when a Google notification made me gasp. Clutch my pearl another celebrity admitting to participating in ethical Non-monogamous relationships. Drew Barrymore and Luke Wilson at one point had an open relationship. At first I thought that she was part of the community but as I started to read it was not what I had hoped.

She admitted it to being just being young and having fun. While I was disappointed to read she was just having fun I appreciate her honesty about her open relationship. I find it interesting how slowly but surely celebrities are admitting to experimented with open relationships or ENM dynamics. The vibe is starting to give me trend. Next thing we’ll hear that other couples in Hollywood had or currently in a open relationship. Here is the rub for me. They make it look as if it doesn’t work. It gives a misrepresented view of my community. Its like some monogamous people wearing a knock off brand of polyamory and then said ” See I told you it was cheap.”

Polyamory is not some knock-off brand of love. Its not some unauthentic, cheap and fake version of love. Hypersextualization of my community starts from this way of thinking. ” Oh its just sex. Its just fun”. Remember Ex Lesson #1. A monogamous person like Luke or Drew will break your heart unless your detachment skills as a polyamorous person are flawless. I personally can’t entertain such fickle behavior personally. I like my communication to be clear and unbias and not swayed by societal time lines.

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