Post Ex: Just Like Music

I am a terrible hoe. I called myself going through a hoe phase and decided to use good ole Tinder. We’ll call him buy his sign which is Taurus. We met shortly after the beginning of the pandemic. He’s a audio engineer and a dope friend. It all started with a Sailormoon gif and I knew that he was different.

I was home alone due to the fact my husband works in healthcare. I was definitely nervous to see if he wanted to come over. Especially since Rona was running super rampant on top of my own insecurities. The conversation was honest. I told him my hang-ups with Tinder and before I know it we really got to know each other. We texted each other for hours until it was around 6AM and the horny feels were on 1000%. I asked him to come over and in the middle of him making me feel phenomenal I asked him to come back the next day. We did this from April up until the end of summer. Some of my best sexual experiences happened with Taurus. He told me that my moans sounded like music to him.

The reason it came to a end is how most things come to an end. Remember Ex Lesson #1, yeah should have applied it here. I have come to find that some monogamous men are fickle about what they want. Sure the end goal they are sure but before they are “family men” they can be at times undecisive when it comes to dating. He told me that his future lived in California. He said they were both working on themselves to be better together. I so appreciate his honesty above all else. He didn’t lie about how he felt about me nor sell me a dream. We recently spoke and he’s busy still trying to be a better person.

He has a girlfriend now and no its not the California woman. Was a slighted when I first heard, sure but its been well over 2 years since we have been face to face. Like I said monogamous men are fickle hence why after Taurus I don’t deal with them any longer.

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