Ex Lesson #6: Always trust the friends

My ex and I started seeing each other in January and suggested I meet his family and friends that March. The first red flag technically was the fact that he didn’t tell his mom I was married. Yikes, should have ran then. Yet I stayed because ya know honeymoon phase.

He has two best friends, one male and one female. So they were a trio of sorts. My ex admitted to me having some sexual experiments with both of them. A threesome if you will that he claimed failed. He also admitted to making out with the female friend a few occasions but never had sex. How much of that last statement do I believe ? Not very much since he proved to be a liar. Maybe in the beginning he was telling the truth so its possible nothing happened.

For the most part the hangout was a success. We played Rockband, and various card games. Of course we were drunk and merry doing all of this. I obviously got way more flirty with my ex. I went to go sit on his lap and snapped a few pics to savory the moment. Looking back on it now, that was a fun day. I mean it was until the farewells came about.

One of the selfies from that night

So as the night came to a close in the middle of hugging the female friend she whispered in my ear words I’ll never forget. It was my biggest red flag and I missed it. ” Get attached but not to attached”. Yikes again. Now one of your best friends is secretly warning me. When I talked to him about it the next day he assured me to not be concerned. I thought that maybe she was jealous. I realize now that she just knew him better then I did.

Moral of The Story: If the friend or family members give you warning signs or straight tells you not to mess with their friend…..LISTEN ! Also watch their body language, that can be telling also. Especially if they look uncomfortable around you.

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