TT LIVE Chronicles #2

New rule, I will never get into a LIVE with religious folks again. Not to say the chat feedback would have been much different. I always find it interesting when non-religious people adopt certain religious practices such as monogamous relationships. However what turned me toward the chat was the fact they were talking about divorce. What turned me off was the man running the chat.

Another rule, any man that looks like he is over the age of 50 I’m not gonna bother. Most of them especially black men unfortunately are set in their ways. Also one thing I notice about black men over 50 and their spawn children is they want to control others so badly. Example: One of the questions he asked me is how would I define open marriage. I decided a long time ago I didn’t identify with the term just like I don’t identify with entanglement. So I told him that and he insisted for a few minutes I answer the question and visibly showing his frustration with me even though I explained my position clearly the first time. Come to think of it why didn’t I get frustrated ?

The other question was what if my husband wanted to continue seeing other women and I couldn’t see other men. Simple answer, we are monogamous however he insisted on the question of well what if he doesn’t change. This was when I had to say plain out ” I can’t see that happening. We’ve been at this almost three years and were happy. I know my husband. You don’t” He backed off after that but Sheesh man.

My reason for joining the LIVE at first was the fact they were talking about divorce. I wanted to express that I think some marriages could use some ENM in their lives and maybe that will help. I still feel that way. I expressed admittedly that this is not something everyone should do or try but consider. Of course chat was in a uproar but I don’t mind controversy. Wonder what the next LIVE will bring.

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