Dating While Poly: Frustration

Frustration is a understatement. Let me be straight up about my ideal setup. I want a husband and a boyfriend. Simple enough I thought at first. When I met my ex in 2019 I thought that I would achieve this goal and obviously couldn’t be more wrong. Now the guy who has made me feel anything since him ghosted me with no explanation. To be honest I’m oddly holding out hope but even that is frustrating to do.

Being a social pariah in dating make finding my desired partner next to impossible. The social construct of monogamy along with government litigation applies a different type of pressure. Marriage by definition doesn’t mean exclusivity. However even if you wanted to be legally poly, there are very few places that will allow such a union.

Even in media, they consistently push heterosexual monogamous normative. What’s worse is their fractured, clumsy and at times lazy written portrayals of ENM people. You, Insecure and She’s Gotta Have It are a handful of examples that absolutely rubbed me the wrong way. Trying to imply in ever sincere that its “trendy” and that it doesn’t work. Don’t get me started on dating couches and how bias they are. I guess that should be my next post.

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