TT LIVE Chronicles #1

So I have a somewhat funny but bad habit when I drink. I like to go into different LIVE streams, especially if they are men, and see and hear their reaction to me being polyamorous. Most of the time they are so caught off guard they ask me to come back. Others just think I’m a whore to which I’m ok with. They don’t pay my bills last I checked. I’m the one accountable for my happiness in the end. Let’s talk about the first LIVE that I was asked to be a guest.

This mutual on Tik Tok asked me to return after only having a brief encounter on his LIVE stream. We kept missing each other but finally we were able to carve out time for me to have more of a robust conversation. I’m always prepared for anything to come up as the majority is monogamous so I don’t expect acceptance. What made this LIVE absolute wonderful is he maintained control and didn’t allow anyone to be rude. His opening statement alone told me that while we had differing stand points, that respect was there regardless.

He asked really great questions and I actually had a great time. He was in full control of his chat and understood the nuance of agree to disagree. I would love to do another LIVE with this particular mutual. Now the LIVE I popped into Saturday night, let’s just say that ended with me blocking said individual. He wasn’t rude to me per say but let’s just say he gave me hotep vibes after a point and I knew no matter what data I put in front of him that he wouldn’t actual hear what I’m saying. He was the type of “alpha” male that will listen to you just to rebuttal what your saying and not actually listen. However like I said in the beginning, he doesn’t pay my bills so his opinion is frankly irrelevant.

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