Polyamory, Polygamy and Polyandry

I know what most of you are thinking ? Aren’t they all the same thing ? What’s the difference between these terms ? There are big difference and are not interchangeable. Let’s review by starting with the most common term which polygamy.

Polygamy is when a man marries multiple wives. Most people mistake this term for polyamory. The biggest difference is the dynamic itself. While polygamy has a definitive center of attention, polyamory allows the dynamic to expand or contract naturally without a hierarchy per say. Beware of harem hunters who come off as polygamist men. It all about intentions and if they don’t have a plan for the future then its safe to say they are a poly poser.

Polyandry is the opposite of polygamy where instead of a man with multiple wives, it is a woman with multiple husbands. Now I have not personal witness this type of ENM dynamic however there are two woman I follow on TT that has two boyfriends so close enough. As far as I’m concerned, this particular dynamic is not for me because it doesn’t allow the men to have the freedom to explore other relationships. Also legally both polyandry and polygamy are allowed only in certain states.

Polyamory for me is my personal favorite dynamic. Can you tell ? As stated earlier it takes into account sexuality and gender fluidness. I love that the dynamic can be whatever you want whether you are solo poly or have a nesting/anchor partner. I will say this, these lifestyles are not for everyone. Each person is entitled to love and happiness that works for them. I hope this post clears up a few things.

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