Dating while Poly: Ignorance

I never realized how misinformed the general public was until various shows tried to depict “polyamory” . So far ever show I have watched has fallen short. Another post for another day. I only mention it because it is one of the biggest catalyst to the problems we have in our community. Hypersextualization is the biggest problem we have when combating these terrible sterotypes.

The line of questioning that comes out once a guy knows I’m polyamorous most times look like this:

  1. What’s your partner’s gender ?
  2. Oh so you like girls don’t you?
  3. So you just fucking around ?
  4. Are we going to have a threesome ?

Once I give them the harsh reality that sex is not the reason I’m poly they usual un-match almost immediately. I mean to be fair, dating even for monogamous people has become a obstacle of “good vibes” and no clear dating intention. While I have clear intentions the majority do not. I really have to exercise patience and wait for the right partner. I hope we find each other soon because apps are for the birds. I cannot wait until I don’t have to explain what polyamory is, what it means to me and finding the right partner(s)

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