Don’t Overthink It

So I mentioned that I’m heading out to Chicago to meet a potential partner. So far we have been talking everyday without skipping a beat until this past couple of days

Now I want to point out that he just moved into his apt and has a daughter so he could just be purely exhausted. Yet here I am over here states away wondering if the honeymoon phase is already over and I haven’t even gotten there yet. I try my best to be optimistic however actions do speak. Up until a few days ago his actions told me we were on the same page. I’ll give it sometime and if he goes rogue ( which I’m hoping he doesn’t) I’ll just chalk it up to the ” God is punishing me” bit. Good thing I bought the tickets on Southwest and not a third party site.

I also decided to check in with another mutual crush from Tik Tok that had me confused for months now. He was another mutual that would like my post so when we exchanged numbers I thought this was good look. We live in the same city and he is poly, so naturally I asked him to drinks to get a chemistry check. Every time I asked I got the run around but we were cool as friends so didn’t want to push the issue. Today I felt bold and brave.

I texted him today if he found me attractive. He confirmed he did. He FINALLY spilled the beans about a partner he met this past Halloween. It all made sense. Long story short, this story either ended here or something unimaginable is about to happen that will be worth a story time.

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