Potential Partner

So January 2021 my ex blocked me off of everything at this point and rightfully so (tons of missing context here but long story short bipolar disorder)

After that I really gave dating apps a true shot. Unfortunately most of 2021, they all turned out to be dead ends of ignorant horny men. Even apps like Feelds, which is geared toward peeps like myself was a epic fail. So late 2021 I officially threw my hands up. I chalked it up to my ex being a mistake anyway and that God was punishing me for being a “super sinner”

Social media is a interesting place. I always heard people talk about how they met on (insert random social media here). The story usually goes something like this. Tons of content interaction ( likes, comments, etc) Then the infamous sliding into the DMs occur and if your lucky you talk off the app.

While this was happening to me a few times off of Tik Tok (all nice guys by the way) nothing seem to stick. Part So one day I did a post pretty much exhausting the point that polyamory isn’t all about sex. One of my mutual crushes ( mutual = friend) on Tik Tok left a comment saying he agreed with my sentiment. I saw the comment, sided eyed it and moved on. ” There is no way this hot guy is really into poly. Most of them get it wrong anyway.” Next thing I knew he was liking other more in depth takes I had on polyamory. Now he had my attention

So I decided that I had nothing to lose and slid into his DMs. Next thing I know I’m making a trip to Chicago later this month to meet him. What a difference a year can make. Who would have thought ? Am I precautious and take it day by day and step by step. So far though its going in a great direction.

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