God, Christianity and Polyamory

I’ll be the first one to tell you that God does not condone my behavior at all. While I couldn’t quote chapter and verse of exactly where in the Bible it speaks on love and relationships, I got a good idea of what the expectations are, especially since I’m married.

Ever since I was young, all I knew was monogamy. In the beginning of my dating life, I found myself in the same hideous cycle over and over again. While being in relationship with someone, I meet someone else, tried resisting my feelings, give into said feelings and you know the rest.

While God requires our obedience in order to receive his blessing, would he want me to be begrudgingly obedient ? This is a question I still ask myself from time to time. My answer currently is I think that God would want me to be a willing participant in monogamy then do it because he said so

While progressive churches give safe spaces for folks like myself, the majority is definitely not having it. I actually stopped calling myself a Christian for the time being because I felt that my current beliefs conflicted with the path to true obedience and righteousness.


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