Ex Lessons #2: You guys may not be friends after this

Now I want to start this by saying I was the one that asked if we could be friends but there were two things happening that caused me to do this. Remember in lesson one, I said Greg and I wasn’t part of the community yet. Well needless to say it caused some blow back between Greg and I so between that and my moral compass all over the place I told my ex let’s cool off and see how it goes. We always talked about how if or when this all ends we should remain friends.

Two weeks later I told my ex I hated being his friend and wanted us to date again. He then informs me we can only be friends because now he had a girlfriend. Imagine me being taken back by this when two weeks ago we were just at the hotel telling each other that we loved each other. That’s when I knew he took me for a ride and none of it meant anything.

All I could think was how can I be friends with someone that never cared nor respected me enough to be honest way before this point. Did he have ever right to do what he did ? Sure he’s a free man however it was the leading me on to believe certain things that I didn’t appreciate. I thought he loved me but clearly I was just something to do for him.

I hopeless made attempts to being his friend, which was a freaking joke now that I look back on things. I was too hurt by his betrayal of “our love” because I did and still do unfortunately love him. Meanwhile he used me to make himself feel better. He never wanted to take accountability for the things we discussed. When I asked him what he wanted, he said he wanted partners but that his girlfriend wouldn’t go for it and he was ok with it. When he went on to try to tell me about this bliss of his new girlfriend he started to recite the same compliments he gave to me ( like literally copy and paste guys). Called him out on it, next thing I knew he made “the speech” of bullshit and blocked me after.

Later on out of spite and bittiness I got him to cheat on his girlfriend months later. I knew this would ultimately end anything between us but I wanted to prove I was right . Not my proudest moment but since he stopped caring so did I. He felt guilty and ended things but doesn’t change the fact he lied and cheated on the woman he proclaimed he would spend the rest of his life with. Hence his girlfriend will only know what she wants him to be and not his true nature.

Moral of the Story: If you detect someone is lying, don’t even bother with friendship. Also don’t feel obligated to be friends with someone you still have feelings for. because of past positive behavior. They will not get how you feel and will hurt you even more.

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