Ex Lesson #4: Its OK Not To Get Closure

I think the reason why I was trying so much to try to be friends with my ex because I wanted answers. I couldn’t wrap my mind around any of it. The fact he went from telling me he loved me to not even wanting to date me was baffling.

The one thing I do have to recognize is that he doesn’t owe me anything. Maybe at one point I felt like he did. Between the “deep” conversations we had and him telling me I did nothing wrong I thought I would have closure. So why was I still bitter ?

I talked to my roommate about it and helped me put things in perspective. Its because I assume that he is happier without me. Its because when I think about him without me, and that it will never change is at times heartbreaking. I’m starting to learn to live with the heartbreak one day at a time.

Moral of The Story: Its not about getting closure. Its about taking one day at a time and living with your emotional scares.

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